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Grupo Apolo-Baby Mink is a 100% mexican company

Leader in the market as a provider of baby blankets, baby clothes, crib accesories, bath accesories, and adult bedding. It manufactures, distributes, and sells all the products with a solid participation in the national and international market, reaching more than 30 countries.

Grupo Apolo-Baby Mink´s dynamic development in Mexico and around the world is based on its products´ security and high quality.


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    10 tips to a happy pregnancy
    Published on: 03/July/2015, By: Baby Mink, No comments.

    Every woman wants to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. Start now to help ensure that yours will be the best it can be! Prioritise during pregnancy Examine what you need to do to help yourself and your growing baby. Do what you need to do, decide what else you can do and let the rest […]

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    Advice for new parents
    Published on: 02/July/2015, By: Baby Mink, No comments.

    What is your best advice for new parents?   When travelling, especially if staying with friends or relatives, try to stick with your routine. This may mean saying no and not joining in activities, always put your child’s sleep and rest first. This will mean a much more enjoyable trip. Mother of Rachel 14 months […]

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